Feasibility studies


PrimeValue has considerable experience in conducting feasibility studies for different industries enabling customers to make informed decisions about the success of a future project from a perspective from a financial and non-financial perspective of a concept, a project or a proposed business plan. Our goal is to reasonably discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that a particular project can present in terms on the resources available in a particular environment, eventually leading to the success or failure of the potential project. Feasibility studies are objectively analyzed on the basis of quantitative and qualitative data allowing project managers to investigate the potential measured results of a project before investing too much time and money, thus significantly reducing the risk.

At PrimeValue, we carry out in-depth market studies to get the best results and identify the right marketing opportunities, as we address the trend of market growth, the supply and pricing trend, competitive analysis and market share and potential. Unlike other conventional consulting companies, we perform both closed and open research methods. Our internal research team and consultants work through several communication channels, such as a face-to-face meeting, telephone interviews, expert groups and online surveys.

Our financial feasibility study involves the preparation of complex and flexible financial models to provide medium and long term financial projections, cwhich are largely influenced by the assumptions of market research and the deep understanding of industry dynamics. Our Financial Experts and Consulting Consultants are very capable of complex financial modeling across a wide range of industry sectors, with proven expertise and knowledge, which is a significant benefit for our customers.


The Best Use (Cea Mai Bună Utilizare - CMBU) is a real estate concept that refers to the most used use of a property, regardless of actual and real use, but which is physically and financially possible.

PrimeValue has the expertise needed for evaluations to make assessments of the best use of the property, cfocusing on key factors such as legal possibilities, physical possibilities, financial feasibility and maximum productivity. We understand that the value of a property and its use are closely related, so its best use is the one that has the highest current value and brings the highest net profit in a given period or for the foreseeable future. We also take in consideration the impact of the environment, competition and local political forces and the potential development potential of the property.

A large number of clients, mainly real estate developers and family businesses with inherited lands and poorly-capitalized buildings, benefit from our best-use studies