Transaction Consulting


The PrimeValue team collaborates with its clients to provide consulting services in investment, merger, acquisition (M & A) or divestments, in order to best meet the client's goals, which derives from the value of transactions. Our ability to provide independent transaction assessments Abilitatea noastră de a furniza evaluări independente privind tranzacțiile helps us to provide advice based on the vigilant evaluation of solution interruptions, value factors and synergistic opportunities.

We apply accurate market knowledge and expertise in evaluations and consultancy to create a focused approach and methodology across all of our services. Our result-oriented approach is to focus on optimal viability but practical and effective. Our transaction consultants provide a rich and diversified experience of mergers and acquisitions from various previous transactions, with a strong focus on the different aspects of the transaction cycle. Our proposal to provide our customers with commercial success is based on anticipating and analyzing the latent consequences of any action. We believe that our success lies in our flexibility and ability to adapt to change - a proactive vision that helps us identify opportunities and better address the risks to our customers. PrimeValue's transaction consulting team assists customers by offering a wide range of services from pre-transaction consulting to post-trading consultancy, including implementation and execution assistance. Our range of services includes:
• Financial consultancy M&A
• Consultancy representing one of the parties
• Commercial diligence
• Business valuation
• Integrated planning and execution
• Sales Agreements - Purchase Agreements

PrimeValue also provides due diligence services to verify the specifics of the assets involved in a transaction. This includes maintenance, remaining useful life, current condition, technological wear etc.